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All families are different, we know that.


Consult this quick list of 50 different topics to help you start thinking about what areas will need your focus during a divorce.
Blending two families can be a monumental task. Make sure that you and your partner have access to the necessary tools to make it a success.
It's important that parents focus on maintaining their child's wellbeing during a divorce. For child advocate, it's their job to protect the best interests of children.
When you’re navigating shared custody, you’ll need the tools that can handle your family’s information efficiently. OurFamilyWizard is an easy-to-use, centralized platform for all of your communication needs.
Using an online platform like OurFamilyWizard ensures that co-parents always have the most up-to-date information about their family. Versus standalone software, child custody websites are versatile and dynamic for co-parenting communication.
Child custody can be a complicated process for mothers and fathers. Keeping the best interests of your children in mind can go a long way in guiding you, but what does that mean for newly separated parents?
Most families will need help adjusting to the new demands of co-parenting after a divorce. Co-parenting education can be a great resource to provide that help, giving you the tools to cope with emotional, financial, and legal hardships.
Co-parenting educators help parents navigate issues with scheduling, expenses, and communication. OurFamilyWizard can also help co-parents to coordinate easily and reduce conflict while raising children from separate households.
Co-parenting challenges will look very similar regardless of whether or not parents were ever married to each other. Never married parents can still benefit from the tools used by families who are going through a divorce. Find out how.
Custody and visitation will be difficult to schedule if co-parents don’t have access to a centralized platform for their communication. OurFamilyWizard can help prevent communication breakdowns and keep conflict out of your co-parenting.
Making sure parents have up-to-date schedule information is the first step families can take to prevent conflict from getting out of control. Using a centralized system like OurFamilyWizard for divorce calendars helps parents communicate effortlessly.
Documented messaging can be a powerful tool for co-parents, but relying on it alone can be a big mistake.
Managing the schedules and responsibilities of a blended family is a unique task with many challenges. Making sure your communication is centralized and secure can help your family overcome those challenges and move beyond conflict.
If you’re managing the care of an elderly parent and need a centralized system to share schedule information, medical details, and more, OurFamilyWizard can be the perfect tool for you.
Family court referees can be sure to get the complete picture when families communicate through OurFamilyWizard. Records on OFW are complete and concrete, combating misinformation and false allegations between co-parents.
Family court magistrates make decisions that can have long-term effects on children and families. Keeping misinformation and false allegations out of that decision-making process can be easier when families use OurFamilyWizard to communicate.
Unlike other family law software, OurFamilyWizard provides the tools necessary for all areas of a family’s communication. Whether parents need to discuss scheduling, expenses, or medical details, OFW is the platform to get it done easily and efficiently.
Miscommunication about parenting schedules can be an endless source of conflict for co-parents. Using a shared platform like OurFamilyWizard grants equal access to custody calendars to both parents, aiding communication and reducing conflict.
Making decisions about children across two separate households will require careful and cooperative communication between parents. Joint custody is workable, but you can make it easier for your family with the right tools.
OurFamilyWizard web and mobile applications are trusted by family courts across the United States and Canada. Learn why.
Conflict between co-parents can have the unfortunate consequence of increasing legal costs for families. Using attorneys as messengers can cost families hundreds of dollars for simple conversations.Try OurFamilyWizard instead.
Many families have to deal with long-distance living arrangements after a divorce or separation. Long-distances can put a strain on your communication, but families can keep their child’s relationship consistent with both parents through regular contact.
Online Tools Can Help You Manage Your Shared Child Custody Arrangement.
Even if you were never married to your former partner, you can still face many issues in your co-parenting. Communication, scheduling, and sharing vital information about your children may be challenging. Learn how OurFamilyWizard can help.
Long-distance parenting is never easy, but families can overcome those challenges and keep their relationships vibrant and healthy if they use the right tools. OurFamilyWizard provides the best platform for bridging distances between co-parents and kids.
If you work as a parent coordinator for a family with high-conflict communication, having a platform like OurFamilyWizard can help cut through the ‘he said/she said.’ With complete records of all communication, you’ll have access to the whole picture.
Creating and managing a parenting plan is tough, but important work. Parenting plans will have many different aspects, including scheduling and sharing expenses, so use an online communication tool to ensure your family has access to every detail.
Children need consistent, high-quality parenting time in order to keep their relationships strong with both parents. Ensuring parenting time is scheduled correctly and consistently, families can use online collaborative tools like OurFamilyWizard.
If you and your siblings need a comprehensive, communication platform to organize the care of elderly family members, consider OurFamilyWizard. Elder care can be simplified with the help of our suite of robust tools.
Proper documentation can be the best defense against abuse, harassment, and other forms of negative behavior. Learn how OurFamilyWizard can help families keep accurate and concrete records of their communication.
Sharing parenting time is one of the biggest adjustments for families after a divorce or separation. Keeping communication about your scheduling clear and easily accessible can help parents and children acclimate to living in separate households.
Being apart from their children is one of the hardest things parents have to adjust to after a divorce or separation. Virtual or internet visitation can help ease that discomfort by aiding contact between parents and kids when they’re apart.
Being a visitation expeditor or parenting time expeditor requires access to accurate information about a family’s communication. OurFamilyWizard offers tools for parents and legal professionals that can clarify communication and bolster cooperation.
Instead of utilizing offline software, using online communication tools for co-parenting guarantees parents have access to the latest updates from their co-parents. Make sure you never miss a beat with the help of OurFamilyWizard.