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OurFamilyWizard Practitioner Accounts

The simplest way to get a clear view of client communication.

Being copied on every email between clients and their co-parents can overwhelm even the most organized inbox. OurFamilyWizard® eliminates that practice and streamlines how family law and mental health practitioners compile records, review client information, and work with families.

My Cases is your central hub for handling connections to clients on OFW.

My Cases

With your OurFamilyWizard practitioner account, you can connect to an unlimited number of clients on OurFamilyWizard. My Cases will be your streamlined dashboard for all pending, active, and past client accounts.

My Cases allows you to easily respond to professional access requests, view client subscription statuses, activate client accounts, and manage notifications for client activity.


Review client activity directly through your OFW Practitioner Account.

Family Viewing

Professional access on OurFamilyWizard grants you an in-depth view of client activity, accessed directly from your own OurFamilyWizard Practitioner Account. When viewing a client's account, you'll be able to see activity on OurFamilyWizard as your client would see it. That includes messages, events, expense requests and more. 

Professional access is perfect for practitioners because it allows them to review client activity without altering any existing records.


Practitioners have access to numerous reporting options when connected to clients on OFW.


Unlike emails, text messages, or phone calls, OurFamilyWizard keeps client communication both contained and organized. The different tools on OurFamilyWizard make reporting simple, and family law professionals can download authenticated records of client activity directly from their OurFamilyWizard Practitioner Accounts.

Once you've been granted professional access to a client's account, you will have access to several reports, including:

  • Login history reports
  • Message histories
  • Schedule change request records
  • Expense reports
  • Journal histories
Download the OFW Family Law Practitioner app for iOS for convenient access to your OurFamilyWizard account.

Mobile Apps

Practitioners are able to access client communication and activity on-the-go with mobile apps for iOS devices. Reply to messages, set up client accounts, confirm details at a moment's notice, and monitor client communication from your iPhone® or iPad®.

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