Crystal clear scheduling.

Family scheduling simplified.

Raising children in separate homes is made easier when everyone in your family is on the same page. The shared calendar on OurFamilyWizard® keeps you and your co-parent working in tandem with built-in tools for tracking parenting time, scheduling holidays, and more.

Collaborate on your parenting schedule with ease on OurFamilyWizard

Work together on one interactive calendar

No matter where you are, your family calendar is with you. Document parenting schedules, share events, propose parenting time swaps, and more. Work with your co-parent to maintain an accurate calendar and history of changes so that you're always on the same page.

You can also download PDF copies of your schedule, create personalized reports of Trade/Swap requests or events, and much more. You can even use printouts to help familiarize your children with your parenting schedule.

Simplify your scheduling with tools built for co-parenting.

Simplify parenting time modifications

The OFW® Trade/Swap tool lets you send a straightforward request to your co-parent for a one-time change in parenting time. You can even offer to trade time with your co-parent, swapping a day of parenting time with them for another.

All Trade/Swaps are thoroughly documented, from the time they are sent to when they are responded to by the other parent.

Document holidays clearly and easily with the OFW holiday planner tool.

Schedule holidays in advance

When it comes to holiday parenting schedules, knowing the plan well ahead of time can help avoid confusion and conflict when holidays arrive. Schedule parenting time over holidays and other special dates well into the future using the Holiday tool on the OFW® calendar.

Holidays can follow your normal parenting schedule or supersede it when necessary. Custom holidays can be created to represent everything from birthdays and spring break to Chanuka and Thanksgiving.