OurFamilyWizard’s exclusive tool, ToneMeter, helps co-parents communicate with less conflict and more civility.


Communicate calmly—without stirring up conflict

OurFamilyWizard’s exclusive tool, ToneMeter™, helps you communicate with your co-parent in a civil and productive way.

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What can you do with ToneMeter? 

Communication sets the tone for your co-parenting relationship. ToneMeter helps you shape a positive tone instead of sounding confrontational. 

Minimize conflict

When one co-parent speaks rudely, the other parent often responds in the same way or even escalates the situation. Quickly, a small question or tidbit of information gets blown out of proportion and turns into an argument. With ToneMeter’s help, you can completely avoid that original trigger.  

Keep the attention on taking care of the kids, not how you feel about each other.  

Reflect and grow

ToneMeter helps you notice your own communication style more thoughtfully. Regardless of what your co-parent does or says, reducing negativity in communication lowers your stress. And communicating in a calm way might actually improve your co-parenting relationship. Either way, it is deeply beneficial for your own mental health. 

ToneMeter is one way to take care of yourself during a difficult time.  

Establish new patterns

Over time, you’ll get used to communicating with your co-parent civilly and productively. Slowly, this new way of writing might become a habit. It will feel comfortable, and you’ll barely need ToneMeter’s guidance. 

When you establish new patterns for yourself, you can escape the negativity—and maybe set the tone for your co-parent’s communication, too. 

Focus on ideas and information (not emotions) 

ToneMeter is like an emotional spellcheck. It catches language that is: 

  • Upsetting
  • Aggressive
  • Humiliating
  • Hurtful

Co-parenting is so important and so personal—emotions are inevitably going to run high at some point (nobody’s perfect). ToneMeter helps you recognize when those feelings are clouding your words, and it gives you a chance to rewrite (always optional). 

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Learn more about ToneMeter 

Language in context
Image of ToneMeter on OurFamilyWizard giving feedback about language in message.

ToneMeter doesn’t just flag swear words—it analyzes your language in context to understand what impression it will make.  

Private feedback
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There’s no option to create a ToneMeter report, and none of the ToneMeter feedback is recorded. It’s just a tool for self-reflection. It’s completely up to you what you do with this feedback. 

Always included
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ToneMeter is included in all subscriptions, and you can use it in multiple tools and features across the app.

A trademarked tool
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OurFamilyWizard is the only co-parenting platform that has such an advanced tool for self-reflection. ToneMeter can change the co-parenting experience from the ground up by transforming how you communicate.  

Why do people use OurFamilyWizard?

“Great app. Works really well for what it's supposed to do. Keeps me and my Ex connected and the ToneMeter really helps at keeping communication clear and level.” 

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Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Contact Us. We’re happy to help.

Does ToneMeter change what I write?

No, ToneMeter only points out problematic language—it doesn’t make any suggestions or changes. You can choose how you want to change what you wrote. 

Do I have to make changes before sending?

No, making changes is optional. You can send what you have written even if ToneMeter shows a warning.  

How do you use ToneMeter?

In the areas of the app that use ToneMeter, you can simply start writing. If it notices a dicey area, the grey meter symbol will start filling up in red. Click the meter symbol to expand the feature, and it will show which passages create which impression. If there isn’t any concerning language, then the symbol will stay grey.  

Document everything, easily

  • Permanently document every message
  • Track all messages in one place
  • Create custom PDF reports quickly
  • Save time, stress, and legal fees

Your professionals can download court-admissible reports, too.

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Are you ready to communicate calmly?  

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