COVID-19 Resources and Useful Information

COVID-19 has presented divorced or separated parents, family law professionals, and mental health practitioners with an unprecedented set of challenges. At OurFamilyWizard, we remain dedicated to offering the best tools to assist co-parents in managing shared parenting and to support practitioners in their work with families.

Use the links below to find information that may prove useful to you throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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OurFamilyWizard Features to Use During the COVID-19 Crisis

Parents | Educate yourself on how to use the OurFamilyWizard tools that could be most useful to you as you navigate co-parenting during this time of uncertainty.

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Practitioners | Learn more about the OurFamilyWizard tools that you and your clients can use to thoroughly document and organize co-parenting communication during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Conversations about Coparenting for Professionals During the COVID-19 Crisis

Resources for Practitioners

These resources may be helpful as family law and mental health practitioners work with families throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Here, you can also access a recording of a webinar presented by OurFamilyWizard, AFCC and SoberLink focused on assisting clients in navigating their shared parenting during the crisis.

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Videoconferencing for Family Dispute Resolution: Best Practices, Ethics, and Bugaboos

Resources for Practitioners

Many practitioners are adapting their practice to facilitate videoconferencing in order to stay connected with clients. Review a list of resources related to videoconferencing for family dispute resolution.

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The Intersection of Technology, Domestic Violence, and Family Courts During COVID-19

Resources for Practitioners

COVID-19 has dramatically increased the use of technology among family court professionals, but this does not come without potential dangers. Access a list of resources plus a video recording of an online discussion focused on the intersection of technology, domestic violence, and family courts during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Blogs on COVID-19 and Co-Parenting

We've collected articles and tips from family law and mental health experts that can help you navigate co-parenting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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