OurFamilyWizard® appearances in the media

Over the years, OurFamilyWizard® has been featured in the news on local, national, and international levels. Check out some of those stories here.

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Crunchbase News

"OurFamilyWizard Brings In New CEO,

Funding To Move Company Forward, OurFamilyWizard is going in a new direction with a new CEO and the first institutional investment in its 19-year history, the company announced Thursday."

OurFamilyWizard Brings In New CEO, Funding To Move Company Forward

Working Mother Magazine

"Parenting after a divorce is a delicate business.

One snippy conversation can escalate into a shouting match that leaves children unhappy and adults angry, hurt or charging back to court. Tools like can defuse the tension."

"But I Thought You Had The Kids"

Wall Street Journal

"When Spreadsheets Meet Play Dates The Logistics Of Postdivorce Parenting"

"A Referee for Mom and Dad"

"Divorce doesn't have to destroy the kids"


Appeared on National Public Radio's Day to Day show in a report entitled, "Web Tool Helps Divorced Parents Communicate"

The New York Times

"Many see the Wizard and similar online custody management tools as a postmarriage savior, especially after old-fashioned conversation has failed."

" vs"

"The system not only helps by keeping emotions out of communications but also by keeping a record."

"More Options to Answer 'What About the Kids?'"


"Logging on to less conflict"


"Receipt-tracking systems allow users to discover patterns that help avoid future conflict."

"Expense apps help divorced parents avoid anger"

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