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OurFamilyWizard is the best co-parenting app for staying focused on the kids, not conflict.

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The best co-parenting tools to solve shared custody challenges once and for all.

  • Understand your coparenting schedule at a glance.
  • Manage shared co parenting expenses and payments.
  • Share and store vital family details.
  • Document and organize your communication within one secure app.
  • Simplify requests for parenting time exchanges, reimbursements, and more.

See all features for families

The OFW Trade/Swap and parenting schedule tools are just two of the many features developed for co-parents.
Helping families worldwide.

Families around the world are choosing OFW® to manage shared custody,  joint custody and parenting plans.

Court approved since 2001.

OFW® is recommended by courts in all 50 states as a tool to manage shared parenting communication.

Work with your family experts.

OFW® Professional Access keeps your family law and mental health practitioners informed in real-time. 

Pro access on OFW helps parents receive the help they need from the practitioners they trust.

Get help from the practitioners you trust with OFW Professional Access.

Professional Access on OFW® makes working with lawyers, mediators, and other practitioners simple. Streamline your communication so you can keep your focus on what matters most. 

Co-Parenting on OurFamilyWizard

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The Ultimate Co-Parenting Calendar

Co-parenting is most effective when everyone is on the same page.

See how the OFW calendar fits your family's routine
Smiling mother giving happy daughter a piggy back ride outside during the spring
7 Strategies for Overcoming Conflict

Conflict isn't compatible with productive communication.

Learn how to move past it with these strategies
Father carries laughing daughter over his shoulder while playing outside
5 Traits of Healthy Coparenting

How do you assess your shared parenting progress?

Use these traits to judge the health of your co-parenting

See why other parents choose the OFW co-parenting app.

Comfort. That is what I have received since utilizing OFW.

Comfort in knowing that communication with my ex cannot be tampered with. It has helped us make our communication more civil. Our family members appreciate being informed. The level of transparency in communication is excellent. Thank you OFW!

I have to say I absolutely LOVE OFW!

Every divorced couple should invest in this (even those who get along), it's just that good! What a useful tool to reduce conflict. I love the Info Bank. I can provide all information on the children there without contacting my ex. I can upload all court documents and parenting class certificates. I am so very thankful for this service.

OFW has been a tremendous tool since my divorce.

The staff and customer support at OFW is unmatched. I have never encountered a more courteous and helpful team irrespective of the time of the day or nature of the call. I am grateful for tools like OFW which has helped with accountability and provided an objective medium. You certainly get what you pay for and more.


Empowering military families across the United States

In support of the Armed Forces,  OurFamilyWizard® provides subscriptions at a reduced rate to military families.

Empowering military families across the United States

In support of the Armed Forces,  OurFamilyWizard® provides subscriptions at a reduced rate to military families.