Military Family Discount

Helping service members and their families overcome unique co-parenting challenges.

Stay in Contact

Whether parents are together or have separated, families feel the strain of military deployments, relocations, and long-distance co-parenting. OurFamilyWizard® can provide military families with a way to stay connected, share information and keep everyone involved.

Stationed at home or abroad, with just an internet connection, a parent can see what is going on in their family’s daily life. Functions like messaging, sending photos and videos, and other tools can help keep you connected with your child from thousands of miles away.


Support for the Armed Forces

To show our support, we provide subscriptions at a greatly reduced rate to military families. If you or your co-parent are either active duty, retired military, or a veteran, you pay for one parent subscription and receive the second at no cost.

To be eligible, you must complete the military discount application and return it with documents that verify your military service, such as a DD-214 or current orders.