Parenting Coordination on OurFamilyWizard

Parenting coordinators have access to the whole picture of co-parent communication.

Co-parenting isn't always simple. Disagreements over things that seem small, like bedtime or snack options, can grow into much bigger issues and even impact parents' focus on their children.

When working together just isn't working, some extra support from a neutral third party could make a big difference. Instead of turning straight to litigation, parenting coordinators can help parents create and manage a parenting plan that actually works for their family. 

What is Parenting Coordination?

Parenting coordination is a type of alternative dispute resolution for divorced or separated parents that helps them resolve issues outside of the courtroom. Parenting coordinators are licensed family law or mental health practitioners, and they will work directly with both parents to ensure that their parenting plan is being followed and responsibilities are being met.

Parenting coordination is an excellent option for parents who run into day-to-day disputes and would otherwise turn to their attorneys or the court to solve them. In response to excessive litigation, courts in many states appoint parenting coordinators to act as parents' point of contact to address questions or concerns, and to even make decisions for parents when they cannot agree. 

A parenting coordinator's recommendations to parents and their observations can be very important to the court. In some cases, they can testify in court about non-compliance if parents are not following the coordinator's decisions. 

Like many issues surrounding family law, every case is different. The court may grant a parenting coordinator more or less authority based on the needs of a family. 

When Should I Work With a Parenting Coordinator?

While the court may appoint a parenting coordinator for you, you may also consider working with one independent of a court order. There are many reasons as to why you may want to work with a parenting coordinator, ranging from saving money on court-related fees to improving your problem-solving skills. 

Before you enlist the help of a parenting coodinator, have your parenting plan ready to go. Courts appoint parenting coordinators to assist in making sure co-parents follow their plan, so their work will be more effective if you have yours worked out. 

Even if you have been managing your plan for some time with your co-parent to little success, parenting coordination could help. Instead of turning to attorneys or the court to settle daily disputes, your parenting coordinator can assist you in negotiating issues and reaching agreements that favor your children first and foremost. 

When you and your co-parent are more successful at coming to resolutions on daily parenting matters, the stress levels in both of your homes can be greatly reduced. Less stress in your home means less stress felt by your children who deserve nothing more than to just be kids, unburdened by conflict between their parents. 

Communication is Key in Parenting Coordination

Parents may meet directly with their parenting coordinator at times, but it's crucial that they use another method of communication to stay closely connected. The tools on OurFamilyWizard are designed to simplify co-parenting communication and offer parenting coordinators special access that facilitates their work with parents. 

From shared parenting schedules to reimbursement requests, OurFamilyWizard is comprised of features that allow parents to manage the most important aspects of their parenting plan together within one neutral and secure platform. All parent activity and communication on OurFamilyWizard is thoroughly documented and easy to report on, making it simple to see whether or not both parents are meeting their responsibilities. 

Professional Access for Parenting Coordinators on OurFamilyWizard

OurFamilyWizard streamlines communication with parents via Professional Access. Using a special account type perfect for neutral practitioners, parenting coordinators are able to see just how parents are managing their parenting plan. Once linked with a family on OurFamilyWizard, a parenting coordinator can view what parents are negotiating and enter the conversation whenever necessary. 

Parenting coordinators can send and receive secure messages to and from each or both parents. This allows the parenting coordinator to have personal check-ins with each parent individually or group discussions with both parents. Parenting coodinators can even upload files for both parents to view and download, simplifying the process of getting information to parents when they need it. 

OurFamilyWizard helps parenting coordinators work much more productively with your families and improve their results.  Even after the family is done working with a coordinator, they can keep using OurFamilyWizard to mediate their own issues in a structured environment.  If issues should arise in the future, their parenting coordinator will be able to get right back in where they left off.

Parenting coordination is an excellent alternative to litigation for resolving shared parenting disputes, and OurFamilyWizard can make this process even easier. Talk to your trusted family law practitioner about parenting coordination, and learn more about using OurFamilyWizard with you family and your parenting coordinator.