Elder care

Caring for an elderly parent can be easier through clear family communication

Divorced and separated families aren't the only families that can benefit from a communication platform like OurFamilyWizard. Any family seeking a solution to maintain clear, concise communication in a well-documented, neutral environment will find this robust toolset useful in keeping everyone in the family connected. One instance in which this is particularly true is for families caring for an aging family member. 

Managing the care of elderly parents and other family members is a task that is best performed when all of the caregivers involved can stay connected. Knowing who will pick up Mom's prescription one week to what time physical therapy sessions are the next are details that can get lost in the shuffle if caregivers—siblings, cousins, or other relatives—don't have an efficient way of sharing these details between each other. 

Keep your whole family in the loop with clear communication

OurFamilyWizard creates a central location for caregivers to communicate in regards to caring for their aging family member. Instead of the aging parent(s) signing up for parent accounts on OurFamilyWizard, their children or caretakers will use these accounts.

Using the OurFamilyWizard toolset, caregivers can manage the most important details related to caring for their elderly parent such as care schedules, medical information, cost tracking, and more. By sharing this information within one platform, caregivers can be sure that they all have the same details and keep each other updated with ease. 

In many cases, a team of individuals—both family members and outside practitioners—is involved in providing care. Doctors and elder care providers can be granted access via an OurFamilyWizard Professional Account. The rest of the family can be granted access via third party accounts. This creates a great way for the rest of the family to stay in the loop whether or not they are directly involved in the everyday caregiving process.

Protect your family's privacy

Security is of the highest priority on the OurFamilyWizard website. Your information is protected with your login credentials, multiple levels of encryption, firewalls, high-level SSL certificates, and more. Using OurFamilyWizard, you can be sure that your elderly parent's information is kept private within your family. 

Keep the process of caring for an aging family member as smooth as possible by using simple yet secure tools to help you share and organize information. Learn more about the OurFamilyWizard toolset and get started by creating an account for your family today.