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The OurFamilyWizard Info Bank is built to contain your most important family details in one neutral space. From medical and insurance data to school schedules and clothing sizes, the Info Bank helps to keep everyone on the same page.

More than data storage, both parents can upload and share files, photos, forms, and other important family documents in a secure place. Learn more about what you can do with the Info Bank and how it can help you keep your family organized and up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I see how much storage space I have left for uploading documents?

    • Once you navigate to the MyFiles section of the Info Bank, in the blue bar above the file list, click on the green Info button  on the right. This will expand a section that will tell you the percentage of MyFiles storage that you are currently using. 

Will my co-parent see everything I enter here?

    • Your co-parent can view any entry you create in the Info Bank unless you mark it as private. Each entry will include a checkbox that you can select if you wish to mark an entry as private. Private entries are only viewable to you.

Can I print entries?

    • Yes, you can download and print entries in all areas of the Info Bank. Look for the 'Print' icon at the top of the window as you view entries.

Basic Info Bank Entries

The Info Bank is divided into several sections that house different types of information, and most of these sections use a similar template for creating entries.

> Creating Basic Info Bank Entries

> Editing and Deleting Basic Info Bank Entries



Report cards, field trip slips, expense receipts, family photos, and so many other documents cross between homes after a divorce. Store these files in your MyFiles section to keep them secure and available in both households.

> Uploading Files and Documents


Family Vitals

Maintain a current record of vital details for your child such as social security number, blood type, clothing sizes, and much more. 

> Managing Family Vitals Entries


Health Entries

Track crucial details regarding your child's health such as medications, medical incidents, tests results, and more. 

> Managing Health Entries


Class Schedules

Make it easy to stay on track with your child's school schedule with the Class Schedules builder. 

> Managing Class Schedules