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Whether you're at home or on-the-go, the OFW mobile app keeps you connected to your OFW messages. No need to worry about missed messages or lost correspondence. All of your OFW messages are thoroughly documented and saved indefinitely.

Get to know how to use the Message Board on the OFW mobile app using the tutorials below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Understand how to send, receive, and review OFW messages via the mobile app. Here are some common questions about messages.

I deleted a message I sent to my co-parent. Will they still be able to see it?

  • Yes. Once a message is sent, there is no way to retract it from the recipient's end.

How can I tell if my co-parent has opened a message I sent to them?

  • In your Sent Messages folder, look for the message in question. Open that message, and look to your co-parent's name in the "To" field. Tap "Details" to see whether or not your co-parent has viewed a message.

    If you see a date and time, this indicates the first date and time that your co-parent viewed the message. If it says "Never Viewed", then your co-parent has not yet opened and viewed that message. 

How do I know if a message has been sent successfully?

  • Review your Sent Messages folder to see a list of every message you have sent successfully on OFW. 

I accidentally deleted a message that I need! How do I retrieve it?

  • When you delete a message, it will remain in your Trash folder for 30 days before being removed from that folder. 

    To restore a message that has been deleted fewer than 30 days ago, go to your Trash folder, select the message, and move it back to its original folder.

    To restore a message that has been deleted more than 30 days ago, review your 'All Correspondence' folder. All messages, deleted or otherwise, are stored permanently in your 'All Correspondence' folder. 


Messaging Basics

On the OFW mobile app, you can send and receive messages with your co-parent as well as others connected to your family such as third-parties, children, and professionals.

Sending messages

To send a message, tap the Add Item button, then tap Message. Add recipient(s), enter a subject, write your message, and hit Send.

Not ready to send your message yet? Tap Cancel, then tap Save to save your message as a draft. 

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It's easy to send photos and other files as attachments to OFW messages. Via the mobile app, you can attach one or multiple files from your phone's camera roll or iCloud drive. You can also attach one or multiple files that you've already uploaded to MyFiles.

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Understanding your trash folder

On OFW, every message you send and receive is saved indefinitely. Even if you move messages to the Trash folder, you'll always be able to recover them within your account. 

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Analyzing your message with ToneMeter™

Co-parenting communication can be a challenge, especially if conflict and miscommunication are issues you feel that you're constantly tackling. ToneMeter™ can assist you in drafting clear and concise messages every time. Like an emotional spell-check, ToneMeter™ will review the content of new messages you draft, flag any emotionally-charged phrases, and offer insights as to how your tone may be received. You'll always have a chance to edit any aspect of your message prior to sending.

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Sorting messages into folders

You can organize your messages just the way you like them with custom folders. Once created, sort messages by clicking on the Folder icon located at the bottom of your screen when viewing a message.

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