Parents | Mobile

The OFW Calendar on the OFW mobile apps makes it simple to see parenting time schedules, review details about events and holidays, request parenting time modifications, and more. With the same level of documentation that you'll find on the OFW website, the OFW Calendar for mobile keeps your family schedule with you anywhere. Get to know how these calendar tools work for mobile using the tutorials below.



The OFW Calendar is the perfect place to document upcoming activities and events for your family. Events on your calendar may include one-time events for things like doctor's visits or music recitals, or they may include recurring events for activities like sports practice or therapy appointments.


Trade/Swap™ Tool

Put an end to miscommunication over parenting time modifications. With the patented Trade/Swap™ tool on the OFW Calendar, you can negotiate one-time changes to your parenting time schedule with ease.