A person holds a phone with a message draft visible. The message is being analyzed by OurFamilyWizard's ToneMeter.

ToneMeter™ for Messaging

Better communication, better co-parenting.

Messaging with your co-parent might not always be simple, especially if emotions are running high. Insert ToneMeter: a tool to help co-parents communicate clearly and effectively—without having to go through lawyers or professionals.

Only available on OurFamilyWizard, ToneMeter is here to help improve how you and your co-parent communicate by providing a quick temperature check on your messaging.

When you're drafting a message or journal entry, ToneMeter will analyze what you've written and give you feedback on any language that could come off as upsetting, humiliating, or even aggressive to your co-parent.

ToneMeter keeps you in charge of your communication, which can greatly cut back on the need to pay lawyers, parenting coordinators, and other professionals to handle everyday co-parenting communication for you.