Managing Expense Entries

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Clarity is essential when managing expense reimbursement requests. On OurFamilyWizard, co-parents can rely on the Expense Log to manage their shared parenting expenses with ease and precision. In this tutorial, learn how to create new expenses, update existing expenses, and respond to expense requests on the mobile app. 

In this tutorial:

Create Expense

Creating New Expenses

  1. From the Add Item menu, select New Expense.
  2. Complete all required fields. These fields include the following:
    1. Type: You can select to create an expense as a “Reimbursement Request” or an “Expense I need to pay”.
    2. Title: Title of your expense
    3. Amount: Enter the full amount of the expense in question
    4. Category: Select the category that will break down the total amount of your expense into the correct totals of responsibility for you and your co-parent.
    5. Purchase Date: Select the date that your expense was incurred.
    6. Children: Select the child(ren) that the expense is for.
    7. Receipt: Tap the camera icon to take a photo of your receipt or select a photo from your existing photos. This is an optional field, but you are encouraged to attach a receipt image.
    8. Private Entry: Toggle this switch to green if you wish to create this expense as a private entry that only you can see. Leave this switch untoggled if you wish for your co-parent to view this expense.
  3. Tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.
Edit Expense

Editing or Deleting an Expense

Note: You can only update or remove expenses that you have created and that have not yet been responded to by your co-parent.

  1. From the app's main navigation menu, tap Expenses. Then, select Register
  2. Scroll through the list of expenses and locate the expense you'd like to update. Tap the expense to view it in full detail.
  3. To update or remove the expense, tap the caret symbol in the top-right corner of the screen. 
    1. EditTap Edit at the top-right corner of your screen. Once you've made your changes, tap Save.
    2. Delete: Tap Delete Expense at the bottom of your screen. This will remove the expense in question from your Expense Register.
Responding to an Expense Request

Responding to an Expense Request

  1. From the app's main navigation menu, tap Expenses. Then, select Register
  2. Locate the expense to which you'd like to respond and tap it to view it in full detail. 
  3. If the expense entered by your co-parent is one for which they are requesting reimbursement, you will have 3 options. 
    1. Approve: Tap “Approve” to agree to the expense in question.
    2. Reject: Tap "Reject" to refuse the expense in question
    3. Request Receipt: Tap “Request Receipt” to request that your co-parent attach a receipt to this request. You will not see this option if a receipt is already attached to the expense you are viewing.



Expense Status Definitions

The status of an expense request will update depending on the actions taken by the co-parents. 

  • Open: Expenses that have not been responded to or had any payment activity will have a status of open.
  • Approved: The co-parent to whom the request was made has agreed with the expense. 
  • Refused:  The co-parent to whom the request was made has refused the expense. 
  • Approved (Payment Unconfirmed): The co-parent responsible for payment has logged a Check/Other payment in the system. The Check/Other payment is waiting for confirmation of receipt by the other co-parent
  • Approved (OFWpay in process):  A payment through OFWpay has been scheduled but not yet completed. 
  • Paid: The expense has been marked as reimbursed or a Check/Other payment has been confirmed by the receiving co-parent. 
  • OFWpaid: A payment has been successfully made for the expense through OFWpay.