Custom Expense Categories

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Whenever a new expense is created, parents must assign it to an expense category. Categories determine how expenses will be split between co-parents while also easily grouping related expenses for simpler reporting. 

There are four preset categories in your account that are entirely optional to use: General (50/50), Medical/Dental (50/50), Other (50/50), Personal (100/0). 

You can also set up custom categories to break down expenses based on the percentages of responsibility that you and your co-parent use for different types of expenses. Learn how to create custom categories on the OFW mobile app with this tutorial.

Add Category

How to Create a New Custom Category

  1. From the app's main navigation menu, tap the dollar sign or Expense Log icon.
  2. On the Categories screen, you can view your list of existing categories. To add a new category, tap the Add Item menu, then tap Category.
  3. Complete the required fields:
    1. Title: Title for your category
    2. Description: A few words to describe what this category should be used for
    3. My %: Enter your percentage of responsibility for this expense. Your co-parent’s percentage will be automatically calculated based on what you enter.
  4. Tap Done at the top-right corner of your screen. 

Once saved, you and your co-parent will see the category as an option when creating new expenses.

Note: You can edit or delete custom categories that you have created up until they are used when creating an expense. Once a custom category has been associated with an expense, it cannot be edited or deleted.