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Two Healthy Homes Starter Kit

Parental separation and divorce can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, guilty, depressed, and overwhelmed. Add to that the fear that your kids are going to be forever damaged, and this could feel like a recipe for disaster. If you are like most divorced or separated parents, you are probably feeling totally powerless and completely lost about where to even start to make things better. 
That’s exactly why Dr. Erica Ellis created Two Healthy Homes and the 7-STEP PROTECT System. The system focuses on the three major relationships in your life:
  1. Your relationship with yourself
  2. Your relationship with your (ex)spouse
  3. Your relationship with your children
In this free guide, you'll learn how to take control of yourself, rise above your painful emotions, set new expectations for your relationship with your ex, and build the foundation for a healthy post-divorce life for you and your kids.
This Starter Kit is going to walk you through each of the seven steps of the PROTECT System and arm you with the solutions and tools that will allow you to take control of the co-parenting situation, instead of the situation controlling you. 
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