Successful Unions, Inc.

Successful Unions, Inc. Counseling Centers grew out of a recognized need to deal with conflict and abuse within relationships in a systematic and organized manner. Coming from the philosophy that "Relationships can be learned", to provide education, counseling, and therapy accessible to those who desire it.

Services include both individual and small group counseling for children, adolescents, and adults; we offer pre-marital counseling and divorce resolution counseling. Comprehensive seminars for business include anger management and stress management. Educational/Therapy groups include "Living with and Without Anger", "Overcoming shyness", "Stress Management and "Divorce Adjustments".

The Florida State legislature acted upon this philosophy in their regular session by enacting a law that mandates a Parent Education and Family Stabilization course. The law recommends parents of divorce learn to become aware of the issues of the child during divorce. The "Pre-marital and Family Preservation Act" provides for a "cooling off" period between applying and receiving a marriage license. Groups and classes are open and ongoing and facilitated by Licensed and Certified Therapists.

We also provide Anxiety Solutions Test Anxiety for children and adults who are anxious about taking exams.

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