Solutions Through Mediation: Marcia E. Tannenbaum, Esq.

A family law attorney and divorce lawyer for more than two decades, Attorney Tannenbaum offers expert guidance in both divorce mediation and collaborative practice—two non-adversarial approaches that enable you to resolve legal conflicts through negotiation, without litigating.

In mediation, the parties work with one professional mediator; in collaborative practice, each party has separate legal representation. With either approach, you all come together at the same table, in a safe space, where you are able to hear each other and to work out a mutually acceptable solution.

The process is driven by you, the client, rather than a pushy divorce lawyer and the court system. Mediation and collaborative practice should take less time than drawn-out legal battles and are typically less costly, both emotionally and financially. You resolve issues with your dignity in tact.

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