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Roberts Family Resolution Services offers a variety of therapeutic family services. We are different than centers in that our background is diversely qualified in mental health, family law, reunification, special needs, sexual abuse, substance abuse, alcohol addiction, foster care, ongoing litigation battles, personality disorders, parenting coaching, mediation, alienation, domestic violence, child abuse, abandonment, high conflict and other areas of family dynamics. 


We offer services of Supervised Visitations, Parenting Coaching, Child and Family Investigations, and Parenting Coordinating Decision Making:

Supervised Visitations, including Spanish speaking Supervisor’s

Roberts Family Resolution services Supervisors are neutral, experienced, and qualified to supervise, monitor, intervene, and always observe in visitations to ensure the child(ren)’s emotional and physical well-being. During a visitation everything is monitored at all times, and there are strict visitation guideline rules for both parties during the exchange and visitation itself. We aim to make each visitation feel meaningful, interactive, safe, and enjoyable. All visitations are documented thoroughly. We are considered experts by the court, and we do testify as well. All of our Supervisors are also parenting coaches as well. 


Therapeutic Supervised Visitations

Therapeutic Visitations entail the same guidelines and role of a Supervisor. However, Therapeutic Supervised Visitations are conducted by a mental health professional. This can be helpful for parties who have issues or allegations of mental health issues and disorders, reunification matters, and complex family systems that would benefit from therapeutic help or observation.


Parent Coaching, including Spanish speaking coaches

One on one education with parents to help them grow in their skills of co-parenting, communication, parenting, making parenting decisions, working through high conflict, and other issues within the family. We work on issues such as:

  • Parents having healthy working relationships with each other.
  • Parents successfully working with other professionals, babysitters, and family members in their children's lives.
  • How parents can positively emotionally and physically support their children to have a great relationship with the other parent. Not coaching children and working through issues such as not placing children in the center of parenting time disputes.
  • Working with parents through victim mindsets and black and white mindsets of good vs. evil.
  • Helping parents take accountability and responsibility for themselves.
  • Emotional regulation skills.
  • Structure, organization, and transition planning.
  • Clarifying to the children that the other parent is not harmful.
  • How parents can remain out of ongoing litigation.

In Parent Coaching sessions, parents work on projects such as research papers, watching videos, and interactive activities of understanding topics such as the emotional impacts divorce has on children, happiness, self-care, parenting skills, how to stop being a victim, not being in continuous high conflict, how to handle parenting disputers, having healthy relationships, the affects divorce has on society, learning points throughout parents’ divorce and much more.


Therapeutic Parent Coaching

Therapeutic Parent Coaching is one on one education with parents to help them grow in their skills of co-parenting, communication, parenting, making parenting decisions, working through high conflict, and other issues within the family. We work on issues such as what we work on in Parent Coaching, however issues are focused on areas of reunification, child abuse, sexual abuse, addiction, personality and mental health disorders and concerns. Therapeutic Parent Coaching is conducted by a mental health professional. Parent Coaching and Therapeutic Parent Coaching are great options for families who do not agree to a PC/DM, parents who are in ongoing litigation and need to get out of the cycle of high conflict, and for those who need support throughout their divorce to lessen negative impacts on the family. The litigation process can easily ignore the needs of the children if the parents have no accountability or coaching throughout it.


Parent Coordinating Decision Making

A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is a court-appointed professional who assists the parties in implementing safe and workable parenting plans. Roberts Family Resolution Services has expertise in divorce, families, children and custody and parenting time issues. A Parenting Coordinator is used when there is chronic, unresolved high conflict and/or ineffective parental communication. A PC is used to facilitate the resolution of disputes in a timely manner and with prior approval of the parties and/or the court, makes decisions within the scope of the court order or appointment contract. The goals of parenting coordination include minimizing chronic conflict, focusing, and educating parents on their needs of their children, reducing litigation, implementing parenting plans, improving communication and decision-making. A PC is appointed when there are ongoing disagreements about implementing of parenting plan and the parties agree to use a PC to reduce cost and burden of continued litigation. The role of a Parent Coordinator/Decision-Maker (PC/DM) is to dispute resolution, conflict resolution, educate parents about needs of children, improve communication between parents and decision making. A PC is not a psychotherapist, a CFI, APR, CLR, attorney or mediator.


The role of a Decision- Maker (DM) has binding authority to resolve disputes as to implementation or clarification of exiting orders in a manner consistent with the substantive intent of the court order. A DM may be appointed at any time after the entry of an order for parental responsibilities and upon written consent of the parties. The authority for a DM should be included in a court order. The statutory authority of a DM includes but is not limited to disputes concerning parenting time, specific disputed parental decisions, and child support.


Child and Family Investigating

A Child and Family Investigator is a child custody expert, appointed pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 14-10-116.5. When children are involved in a divorce, child, and family investigators (CFIs) help sort through complications like parenting schedules and decision-making responsibilities. As a mental health professional, Roberts Family Resolution Services will observe and evaluate a family situation to offer the court our unbiased recommendations regarding the best interest of any children involved in a divorce or separation. Our focus in our CFI work has an awareness of the child(ren’s) emotional, physical, behavioral, and therapeutic needs. CFI investigations are carefully conducted with sensitivity, cultural understanding, being informative and are centered on the unique needs of every family. Investigations are intended to be efficient, nonintrusive, and cost-effective solutions to parenting conflict.

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