Parvey, Larson, and McLean

Family law is who we are. It’s what we know. It’s what we’ve dedicated our lives to for a combined 35 years. At PLM, we’re moms and dads. We’re husbands and wives. We’re sons and daughters. Divorce and custody issues have impacted our lives. Grief and loss have affected us. We’ve seen it all, and we use that breadth of experience to guide you through times of change in your life.

There is nothing more important than the people you call “family.” Whatever family means to you, PLM is there to help guide, support, and protect you and yours. We advocate hard, and we keep our focus on you and your needs every step of the way.

Whether we’re bringing a family together through adoption or helping a family transition to a new form through divorce, we do this work because we care about people. No matter why you contact us, how you come through the other side is what matters most.


1555 43rd St S
Suite 100
Fargo, ND 58103
United States

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