Parenting Beyond Conflict

Parenting Beyond Conflict, a live, interactive class, offers skills, strategies, and support for co-parenting effectively.  How to peacefully communicate, prevent/avoid conflict, raise an issue, stay sane and out of court, and keep the focus on your children. Now on Zoom.

Parent Coaching

Sometimes it’s nice to work with someone one-on-one on your specific issues of co-parenting and adjustment to the family changes divorce and separation bring.  Judith Swinney, J.D., mediator and parent coach, offers private coaching in areas including effective communication, transitioning children well, creating effective emails and texts;  avoiding costly traps, supporting a child through family changes, creating a peaceful second home for your child, and keeping children safe. Provided on Zoom.

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Supervised Parenting Time

When safety concerns can put a  child or parent at risk, supervised parenting time services provides a way to keep everyone safe and promote appropriate and positive parent-child contact, with a third party present. Judith Swinney, J.D. has been providing this service since 2003.  Now offered on Zoom, with creative possibilities for sessions with both young and older children. 

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