Monarch Visitation Services

Sometimes, based on issues of protection and safety, a judge will order that a child only have contact with a parent when a neutral third person is present during the visitation. We offer off-site visitations throughout San Diego county. Our trained, experienced supervised visitation providers offer safe and protected environment to control external influences of stress on the child. We adhere to the program's policies and procedures in the monitoring of all families diligently. We resist influences that interfere with impartial monitoring. Report honestly and impartially regarding what occurs during the course of service. We respect the privacy of the child and the family and hold confidential information obtained in the course of service as required by law and program standards.

Our mission is to facilitate positive interactions between a child and their parent during court ordered visits. Services include:

  • Supervised Visitation
  • Supervised exchanges
  • Video Conferencing Visitation
  • Court Appearance
  • Providing Report

San Diego, CA
United States

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