MaryAnn Kildebeck, LCSW

Every part of my private practice currently is centered on helping people resolve issues in the most amicable and productive way possible:

As a Neutral Mental Health Professional, I have found the Collaborative Divorce field exciting and rewarding, and to date have participated in more than 60 cases.

In Parenting Coordination, I help clients prepare parenting plan proposals before they go to mediation or court. Also, I help divorced parents interpret or agree on minor changes to their decree's parenting schedule.

I am frequently assigned as a Parent Facilitator to work with high conflict couples having difficulty communicating after a divorce or custody dispute. As in Parenting Coordination, I help divorced parents work through minor changes to their decree's parenting schedule.

I have worked with the legal system since 1996 as an evaluator providing court-ordered social studies for adoptions and custody disputes. I complete home studies for stepparent adoptions at a low cost and typically within 6 weeks from the time I get the court order. I currently provide supervision for those developing a new career in completing social studies for court-ordered social studies for custody dispute cases.


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