Little Falls Mediation


Mediation works to resolve disputes. Little Falls Mediation, located in Arlington, Virginia, offers divorce, family, and community mediation services, as well as dispute resolution services in workplace, non-profit, business, and civil matters. Our mission is to provide a caring, empathetic environment where clients feel comfortable, safe, and empowered in discussing and resolving conflict.

Ellice Halpern is the founder of and principal mediator at Little Falls Mediation. She has evolved from working as a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington, D.C. to working as a fair, focused, competent, and experienced mediator in Northern Virginia. She has great success in helping parties with different types of conflicts find options and resolution. Her interpersonal skills enable her to assist parties to move from impasse to agreement while maintaining neutrality. Because of her exceptional legal education and mediator training and her warm, compassionate, calm, and non-judgmental professional manner, she is able to meet difficult challenges with excellent results in an often highly charged negotiating arena.

In December of 2015, Little Falls Mediation was praised in Northern Virginia magazine's cover story on divorce. In March of 2016, Little Falls Mediation was voted the best under Professional Services in the Arlington Sun Gazette's Best of 2016 issue. And in November of 2016, Ellice was interviewed on WERA 96.7 FM at Arlington Independent Media by Karen Beauregard Bate of Arlington Women Entrepreneurs.

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