Laura Bonarrigo

I’ve been there. I know all about divorce because, for most of my life, divorce dictated who I was. My parents divorced when I was 7. The effect of my parents’ divorce was only uncovered when I finally sought support after my first marriage and divorce at 23. Two decades later, after 15 years of marriage to my second husband and the father of my children, the stakes were higher and the decision much harder. Through a lot of soul searching I ultimately knew the best thing for my family was for this second marriage to dissolve.

3 divorces (my parents' and my two marriages) have forced me to learn the hard lessons of forgiveness, understanding & patience. I’m sure there isn’t a single day that goes by when you’re not second guessing yourself, your role or your future. It’s my aim to help educate everyone on how to help those hurting beside us. I’m shamelessly open about my own personal experiences so you know it’s OK to be vulnerable, to admit feeling like crap and to not know what direction the future has for you and your family.

doingDivorce™ right means stepping into the unknown with trust, faith and the belief that your future will be great. You have the right to a great life, now go out and create it!

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