Joyful Connections

Joyful Connections is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and home-like environment where children’s visits with a non-custodial parent are supervised and children can visit without fear or threat of violence. Joyful Connections also provides services where children can be exchanged for visitation in a supervised setting without witnessing conflict and physical abuse between their parents. In October 2008, Joyful Connections opened its doors for service, and since that time, the need for services has grown steadily.

In October of 2013, Joyful Connections completed its fifth year of operation. During that time, Joyful Connections served 200 families including 300 children. Joyful Connections supervised 3200 visits giving children over 6500 hours of family time.


8200 West State Route 163
Oak Harbor, OH 43449
United States

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