Child Advocate

Child Advocate

My name is Jessica M. Chavez, I am the owner and operator of Quality Moments, Advocates for Children. My primary position for the last eighteen years has been to Supervise families involved in Custody and Visitation matters within the family courts and advocate the needs of the children involved. Over the years, I have come to wear a lot of hats and found myself receiving additional training so that I may continue to serve as a resource for my clients offering my support in additional areas concerning their court and visitation matters such as: Legal Document Assistance, for individuals who are self-represented and are unable to afford an attorney; Mediation, for the families who genuinely want to find an amicable resolution to their child sharing matters and can not afford to continue filing motion after motion in court to do so; Parent Education Courses, for parents who were ordered to take weekly classes or would just like to find more conducive child caring methods to demonstrate at home; and Domestic Violence Counseling, for individuals who find themselves victim to this type of abuse and are in need of direction, guidance or just an empathetic ear.  I also like to serve with resource assistance for those who don't know what they need or where to start!

I hope to be assisting you with any of the foregoing matters or your families needs, as I find it my joy to support families in need by way of positive efforts!


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Camarillo, CA 93011
United States

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