Carolyn Jacobs, CDC, CoPs

Carolyn Jacobs, CDC, CoPs

Carolyn Jacobs, CDC, CoPs, is a Certified Divorce Coach with a specialization in Co-Parenting. As a coach, Carolyn helps clients to prepare emotionally and organizationally for the process of separation and divorce. Coaching cultivates clarity, readiness, and resilience when contemplating the end of a marriage, moving through the legal process of divorce, and building a framework for successful co-parenting. Working with a coach before and during divorce can save clients time and money in the divorce process.

In her work with parents – individually or both parents – Carolyn offers support and skill-building for more peaceful co-parenting. She helps parents to define their co-parenting values and goals, consider their communication style and methods, develop detailed Parenting Plans, and co-parent through a lens that puts their children’s lived experience of a two-household family in focus.

Carolyn is a Certified Divorce Coach as well as a writer and mother living in Los Angeles. She works with clients throughout the United States.

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