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Better Kids helps parents support the social emotional growth of their children through play. Our evidence-based app, Wisdom: The World of Emotions (iOSAndroid) is designed for children ages 4-8, including children with special needs such as autism, ADHD and ADD:

  • Kids play interactive games where they learn how to identify their feelings and use healthy coping strategies. Kids practice mindfulness with Augmented Reality breathing exercises and guided meditations, and reflect on skills like empathy, problem-solving, and resilience with beautifully designed printables.
  • Parents can access a collection of actionable parenting tips to address parenting challenges such as family changes, challenging behaviors, sleep issues, trauma and resilience. The app also includes short practice activities that parents can do together with their children.

Wisdom has already helped tens of thousands of families cope with potentially traumatic events such as divorce, grief, displacement and war. Our collection of printed books and workbooks is also available to help support children’s emotional wellness.

Find out more about Better Kids: https://betterkids.education/

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