1 Day at a Time Professional Monitors

I am the experienced mobile professional monitor who:

  • Has been cleared by DOJ and Live Scan
  • Is on the Court’s list of Preferred Monitors
  • Former Coordinator for the Keeping Kids Safe Program at Orange County Superior Court
  • Co-developed, wrote, and implemented the 40 hour certified Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor Training Program as an employee of Orange County Superior Court
  • Trained by the Supervised Visitation Network in sexual abuse, flight risk, and substance abuse matters
  • Supervise visits in Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Flat fees:

  • Weekly rates are $50 per hour, with a two hour minimum.
  • Percipient testimony is $500 per appearance.
  • Simple exchanges are $25 per exchange any day or time.
  • Declarations are $125.
  • File preparations for court are $50.
  • Transporting children is the same as the hourly fee.
  • There are no travel charges under 30 minutes total.
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