Enlisting the Help of Unbundled Family Law Services

A client shakes hands with their lawyer.

The legal aspect of a divorce is confusing—if not downright intimidating—to those who are encountering it for the first time. Many going through their first divorce enter the process with limited knowledge of what it will entail or even what kind of legal assistance and services they'll truly need.

Some people may be ready to hire representation right off the bat, while others might think about representing themselves. Having access to legal guidance throughout a divorce can make a massive difference in the outcome, yet the high costs often involved in working with an attorney can lead someone to hesitate and not hire representation. 

It might seem like there are only two options available, but that's not actually the case. Enlisting the help of unbundled legal services is another option that can bridge the gap, allowing someone to manage most aspects of their case while still receiving some legal guidance as needed. 

What Are Unbundled Legal Services?

In family law, unbundled legal services create a way for a lawyer to offer individual services to clients depending on their needs. When providing unbundled services, a lawyer will only work on specific tasks as requested by the client, as opposed to handling various aspects of the case from beginning to end. 

Unbundled family law services tend to include a range of essential services that can provide major assistance to clients who need them. These services often consist of drafting agreements, reviewing documents, preparing exhibits, prepping clients to go to court on their own, and offering legal guidance and opinions when requested. In some situations, a lawyer offering unbundled legal services may not even make a court appearance. It all depends on what has been requested by the client. 

For clients using unbundled legal services, many tasks related to their divorce will inevitably be handled by the client independently. With fewer services being performed by the lawyer, the client is typically left with a less expensive bill to pay at the end. 

Unbundled legal services may be an excellent option for some divorce cases, yet full representation may be a better fit for more complex cases. To help you determine where your case falls within this spectrum, schedule a consultation with a family law attorney who offers unbundled services. Even if you have to pay for this consultation, discussing your options with an attorney will give you a professional perspective as to what kind of legal representation your case may require. 

Online Dispute Resolution and Unbundled Services

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a service that many lawyers who offer unbundled services can provide. It can be a useful strategy for resolving conflicts with legal guidance while keeping the matter outside of the courtroom. This can be especially helpful post-litigation if conflict remains a risk, which can be the case between divorced or separated parents. 

ODR is a strategy for resolving disputes that happens entirely online. Applications like OurFamilyWizard provide an avenue for ODR to take place in a secure, highly-documented space. Using OurFamilyWizard, lawyers and other legal and mental health practitioners can access client communications and work directly with co-parents to assist in resolving various conflicts.

OurFamilyWizard is divided into different sections that help parents organize communication about various parenting matters. Using an OurFamilyWizard Practitioner Account, lawyers can easily access only the entries they need in order to provide the ODR services their clients have requested.

Going through a divorce can feel scary if you're not sure what you're supposed to do throughout the process. Instead of representing yourself throughout your entire case, getting help with certain aspects of this process from a family law professional via unbundled legal services can prove to be a big help.