Enlisting the Help of Unbundled Family Law Services

Unbundled legal services can be a great help to many going through divorces.The legal aspect of a divorce is confusing—if not downright intimidating—to many who are first encountering it. Many people entering the divorce process do so with only some knowledge of what it will entail or even what kind of legal assistance and services they truly need. Some may be more apt to hire representation right off the bat, while others may think about representing themselves as a way to save money. 

Having access to legal guidance throughout the divorce process can make a huge difference in the case's outcome, yet high costs and confusion over what is required during the case sometimes cause people to hesitate to hire someone to give them that guidance. That's where unbundled legal services can be useful.

What Are Unbundled Legal Services?

In family law, unbundled legal services create a way for lawyers and other family law practitioners to offer individual services to clients depending on their needs. Through providing unbundled services, a lawyer will work with a client only on specific tasks as opposed to handling the entire case from beginning to end.

Unbundled family law services often include a range of services for clients to select. These may consist of drafting agreements, reviewing documents, preparing exhibits, or simply offering legal guidance and opinions when needed. In some cases, a lawyer offering unbundled legal services may not even make a court appearance. It all depends on what services the client chooses.

In many instances, clients have some tasks that they'll handle on their own. This, in turn, often creates lower legal bills for clients since their lawyer is billing fewer hours by offering unbundled services. That said, unbundled legal services may be a great option for some cases, yet full representation may be a better fit for others. Discussing your options with a family law professional will give you a better idea of what kind of legal representation your case may require. 

Online Dispute Resolution and Unbundled Services

Online dispute resolution is a service that many lawyers who unbundle their services provide, and it can be a useful strategy for resolving conflicts outside of the courtroom. It can also be helpful post-litigation if conflict remains a risk, like how it can between divorced or separated parents.

To keep co-parent communication well documented, many family law judges will order parents to use the OurFamilyWizard website and mobile apps. On OFW, lawyers and other legal and mental health professionals can access parent communication and work with families directly through the web and mobile applications. For those parents who enlist the help of lawyers who unbundle their services, this makes it easy for their lawyers to access only the communication they need in order to provide the services that their clients have requested. 

When divorced or separated parents know that they can receive the specific help that they need, they may be more apt to enlisting those services without fear of not being able to afford it. Online dispute resolution services can also help parents avoid endless litigation, leaving them with more time to spend focused on their children. While some cases may require more than unbundled services and online dispute resolution, both are helping more parents resolve disputes in a fair, just manner.