Printing from a Client's All Correspondence folder

As an OFW Professional, you can print all of a client's correspondence in their message board. To do so, start by logging into your OFW Professional Account.

  • Select the family and specific parent whose account you wish to view. 
  • Go to their Message Board.
  • In the list of folders on the left of the page, go to the All Correspondence folder. This folder includes the complete history of a parent's sent and received messages.
  • Customize this list of messages by using the search bar to view only messages on a certain topic, or click the Date bar to organize messages in this list from oldest to newest. 
  • In the Messages Per Page drop-down menu, select All.
  • Check the topmost box in the column to the left of the Status header to select all messages in the list.
  • Click Print.
  • Review your report in the Message Preview window. Check the box for "Print messages individually" if you wish to print the messages in this report on individual pages. 
  • Click Print within this window to generate your report. Follow the prompts from your internet browser to save or print this document.