Uploading documents, photos and more

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With professional access to at least one parent in a family, practitioners can upload documents to client accounts with customizable sharing options. 

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Uploading files to client accounts

To upload files, you must be signed in to the OurFamilyWizard website, not the mobile app. 

  1. Enter Client View Mode
  2. Navigate to the Info Bank and select the My Files section.
  3. Click the blue plus sign to add a new file, click browse, and select the file you would like to upload. 
  4.  Give the file a name, description, and select your desired privacy settings. 
  5. Click Save

Sharing settings when uploading documents

Practitioners have multiple privacy settings available to them when uploading a file to a client's account. 

  1. Private: Private files are only visible to you, the family law practitioner uploading the file. To view the file, you must be viewing the same client account you were when you originally uploaded the file.
  2. Privileged: Privileged files are visible to the client whose account you are viewing when you upload the file, with the additional option of sharing with other practitioners to whom the client has granted professional access. Privileged files cannot be made visible to your client's co-parent or other family members.
  3. Shared: Only practitioners with access to both parents in a family will see this option. Shared files will be automatically visible to the client you are viewing, all other practitioners connected to that client, and any other family members selected by checking the boxes next to their names.

Editing and deleting uploads

To modify a file, enter Client View Mode for the account you were viewing when you originally uploaded the file. Once in the MyFiles section of the Info Bank, in the Options column, click the 3 dots to reveal the Edit/Delete options for the file.

  1. Click Edit to edit the file.
    1. If you update the Sharing options to grant someone new access to the file, that user will be notified via a System Message that they can now view the file.
    2. If you update the Sharing options to remove someone's access to the file, that user will be notified via a System Message that they can no longer access the file. 
  2. Click Delete to delete the file.