Create a Professional Account

Professional Access on OurFamilyWizard offers family law professionals an unfiltered view of co-parent communication and the opportunity to work directly with clients through the app and website,

This free account is perfect for attorneys, judges, court staff, mediators, mental health practitioners, and any other family law professionals. It lets you manage and connect to client accounts, view client activity, create accounts for new families, pull client records, and much more. 


To create your free Professional Account:

  1. Visit our Sign Up page and click the option for "I work with parents professionally."
  2. Enter your information, and once submitted, your account will be active immediately.
  3. Check your email for your temporary login credentials and instructions on how to access your account. You can customize your credentials as soon as you sign-in. 


Your Professional Account has four main sections: 

  • Home: Get a brief summary of anything new and waiting to be viewed such as unread messages from clients and new requests from parents who wish to grant you access to oversee their accounts.
  • My Cases: Manage the accounts you are connected to, create accounts, and link new clients. You can also customize your notifications to be alerted about new activity for any parents you're connected to. 
  • Message Board: Send and receive messages with parents you're connected to.
  • My Account: Manage your personal account settings and promo codes to pass to your clients to help them get started on OurFamilyWizard.