Holidays on the OurFamilyWizard Calendar

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If your family has a vacation, holiday, or another special occasion that deviates from your regularly repeating parenting schedule, the Holiday tool on the OurFamilyWizard Calendar can help you denote those exceptions clearly and easily. Holidays will override the existing parenting schedule. 

In this tutorial:


Using Holidays

If you'd like to define access to a common or custom holiday on the calendar, you must first select Calendar from the main navigation menu.

The Holiday menu will open on the right side of the screen to display current and future holidays both you and your co-parent have made, as well as an option create new holidays. To view holidays assigned to dates in upcoming years, click the caret next to the current year you are currently viewing.


Creating New Holidays

  1. Within the Holiday menu, click on the Create New Holiday button.
  2. Add a title to your new holiday. Some common holidays will auto-fill once you begin typing their name (ex: Halloween, New Year's Eve, etc.). 
  3. Input the Start Date and Time for the holiday as well as an End Date and Time. This lets you create partial-day holidays (e.g., for when you and your co-parent share time with your child over one holiday) or multi-day holidays (e.g., for occasions that span more than one day like Winter Break, Family Vacation, etc.).
    1. If the Holiday you are creating just lasts one day and the child will be with just one parent that day, toggle on the All Day switch instead. 
  4. Assign the parent who will be responsible for the child during the holiday. You may also select "Displayed (unassigned)" to display the holiday on your calendar without assigning it to a specific parent.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the window. Your new holiday will be visible in the main list of Holidays as well as within your main Calendar. Your new holiday will override your existing parenting schedule only over the days to which it was assigned. 

Editing or Deleting Holidays

If you'd like to edit or delete a holiday, you must first select Calendar from the main navigation menu. Both parents can edit or delete any holiday that is still upcoming. 

  1. Click the Holiday button located to the left of the calendar.
  2. Select the year in which the holiday takes place by clicking the caret next to the year currently displayed.
  3. Click on the holiday you'd like to edit or delete. Just a reminder, it is not possible to edit or delete holidays that have already occurred. 
  4. Once you've edited the holiday, click Save. If you wish to delete the holiday, click Delete Holiday, then confirm you'd like to delete it or cancel.