Using the Message Board

Sending messages on OurFamilyWizard is different than your standard text messages or emails. Enhanced with features specifically crafted for co-parenting needs, the OFW message board keeps communication clear while safeguarding records from manipulation or deletion. Learn the basics of sending messages through the OFW website with this tutorial. 

In this tutorial:


Sending and receiving messages

Messages can be sent between co-parents, children, third-parties, and connected professionals. To send a message,

  1. Navigate to the Message Board tab.
  2. Click the Compose button to create a new message thread or find the message you'd like to reply to in your Inbox, open it, and click the Reply or Reply All buttons. 
  3. Select the intended recipients from the menu on the left of the compose window, provide a subject, and type your message. 
  4. Click Send to send the message or click Save to save it as a draft. 

To view a message you've received,

  1. Navigate to the Inbox folder of the Message Board tab.
  2. Click on the Subject line of the message you would like to view. 



Attachments on messages

Parents can share important documents, photos, and other files by attaching them to messages or by uploading them directly to MyFiles.

Attaching a file to a message

  1. When composing a message, click the Attach button in the top right corner of the message window.
  2. Select the file you wish to attach:
    1. The first option is to select a file that has been previously uploaded to your OurFamilyWizard account. To attach a file this way, make sure that you have navigated to the "My Files" tab in the attachment window. Click the checkboxes of the file that you'd like to attach to the message.
    2. The second option for attaching a file allows you to choose a file saved on your own computer. For this method, navigate to the My Computer tab in the attachment window. Click the Choose File button, which will prompt you to choose a file that you have saved on your computer.

Viewing an attachment on a message

To view an attachment on a message, you must first select the Message Board tab at the top of the page.

  1. From your Inbox, locate and open the message that contains the attachment. Messages with attachments will be marked with a  icon. 
  2. Beneath the Subject line, you will see the number of attachments that are in the message.
  3. To download and view the attachment(s), expand the attachments section by clicking on the black triangle to the left of the number of attachments.
  4. Click "Download" for each file you wish to download.



First-viewed timestamps

Whenever a co-parent, third-party, or child account opens a message sent to them, OFW records the date and time of that first open. In order to determine if a message you have sent has been opened by its recipient,

  1. Navigate to the Message Board tab.
  2. Select the Sent Messages folder to view messages that you previously sent.
  3. Click the subject link for the sent message you wish to view.
  4. You'll be able to see the first-viewed timestamp listed after the recipients' names in the To: field.  

Additionally, when viewing your Sent Messages folder, messages that have been viewed will have a status of readAlt. Messages that are yet to be viewed will have a status of Unread Message



Built-in spell check

The Message Board has a built-in spell check that will analyze your messages for spelling errors, as well as provide spelling suggestions if a misspelled word is detected.  While composing a message, click the Spelling button in the top-right corner of the compose window. Misspelled words detected by the spell check will appear at the bottom of the box.  Click any of the words there to view spelling suggestions. 

Additionally, most internet browsers already have a built-in spell check or offer a spell check via a free plug-in. Consult your browser's help literature for further instructions in helping you use their spell check tools.