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Analyze your messages with ToneMeter

ToneMeter is an optional add-on to your OFW subscription. Learn how to add ToneMeter to your account. 

In this tutorial:


Running a ToneMeter report

Tap the Tonemeter™ icon to view flagged statements.

You can get immediate feedback from the ToneMeter tool when composing a message. To do so,

  1. Tap the ToneMeter icon. It will be located in the blue bar above the keyboard and look like four signal-strength bars. If you do not see this icon, verify that you have ToneMeter enabled on your account
  2. Any flagged statements will be listed below the icon after it is tapped. If no statements are flagged, a 'No Results' message will be displayed instead. 
  3. If desired, update the flagged statements and re-run the ToneMeter analysis by tapping the icon again.

Note: ToneMeter does not prevent you from sending a message with flagged statements. Parents can still send messages despite any results returned by the ToneMeter tool. 



Verifying your ToneMeter add-on

If you're unsure whether or not you have ToneMeter on your account, you can verify by doing the following.

  1. From the app menu, select My Account.
  2. Tap Service Status.
  3. Your ToneMeter status will be shown as either Active or Inactive

If you wish to add ToneMeter to your account, sign in through the website and follow these instructions.


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