The Best Family Lawyers, Mediators, and Collaborative Law Practices in California

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Finding the best family lawyer in California with whom to work is an important first step when going through a divorce or separation. Before choosing a family law professional in California, however, co-parents must first decide how they want to approach their divorce. Depending on their approach, parents can choose from full-scope or limited-scope representation, consulting services, mediation, or collaborative law.

Explore California law firms, mediators, and collaborative law practices below to find the best representation for your family.


Law Firms in California

Lawyers or law firms can provide full-scope or limited-scope representation, consultation services, and more. Family law practitioners can help you keep track of important deadlines, draft paperwork, and file necessary documents. They can also provide essential guidance into the ways California laws affect child custody and support, spousal support, and other concerns.

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Mediators in California

Mediation is an alternative approach to divorce that has the potential to save parents both time and money. Mediators can assist parents in reaching equitable solutions to questions concerning their parenting plan, child support, co-parenting communication, assets division, and more.

Find a California mediator in your area by searching the directory listings below. Or read more about how OurFamilyWizard supports parents and the neutral, third-party professionals they trust in finding solutions to complex co-parenting questions.

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Collaborative law practices in California

Collaborative law practice, through a commitment to cooperation between divorcing parties, removes traditional litigation from the divorce process. When pursuing this method of divorce, parents work with collaborative lawyers who are trained in helping parents find solutions mutually and with less contention. A collaborative divorce may also involve the help of additional mental health and financial experts.

If you're interested in pursuing a collaborative divorce in California, use the directory below to find a top lawyer in your area. Or expand 'Collaborative divorce on OurFamilyWizard to learn how collaborative divorce is made easier with OurFamilyWizard's online dispute resolution (ODR) tools.

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