Back-To-School Essentials for High School Students

A teenage girl with long hair holds a notebook and smiles at another teenage girl with short hair as they walk to class.

The beginning of a new school year is quickly approaching and it is the job of every parent to make sure that their children are equipped with everything they need to make this school year a great one.

No matter what your situation is at home, you must always remember that the education of your child is nothing to be taken lightly. Cooperation and coordination with your co-parent is a must during this important time.

Each level of education requires your child to have different tools to learn and study with, so be sure to check out our personal back-to-school checklists based on these different education levels.

For children entering high school for the first time or continuing high school, we highly recommend the following products for a successful school year!

The Essentials List for the High School Student

Transitioning from middle school to high school is a big step. Not only do the courses become increasingly difficult, it is a new place where your child has to fit in and meet new people. Prepare your child for this big step with the appropriate tools and supplies. Here are some of the essentials that your child will need to bring to high school.

Portable Digital Storage

Your high school student is most likely going to need a way to bring project files from home to school (and vice versa). But many parents know that a high school student's backpack isn’t the safest place for delicate electronics.

That’s why having an ultra-durable flash drive can be a big help. Your child can even spill liquid on USBs like this one and won’t have to worry about losing any of their work. 

Backpacks Built to Last

Getting a new backpack for high school can be exciting for teenagers, but as a parent, you probably don’t want to be replacing your child’s backpack yearly. They can be expensive, so the recurring cost of a new backpack every fall (or halfway through the school year if you're unlucky) can definitely add up. 

If your high schooler is in need of a backpack this year, look for a backpack that will stand the test of time. Let them help pick it out so that they can pick one that they'll be happy with for more than just this year.


Creature Comforts for School

School days can feel long for students, but you can make your child's day a little bit easier by sending them supplies to ease their journey. Try outfitting them with an insulated water bottle that they can refill through the day, tissue to-go packs, portable hand sanitizer, and locker organizers to keep their passing periods efficient. 

Classroom Essentials

Now that your child has everything they need to show off to their friends and classmates, it’s time to get back to the basics. Even though class may not be on the top of your child’s mind at this point, they still need to be prepared for the actual school part of high school. 

Be sure to have pencils, pens, highlighters, and loose paper available at home. Extra notebooks, folders 3-ring binders, and Post-It notes and tabs are also great to have on hand for when your teen needs them.