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I’ve been using this app for the last 2 years and must say that it is the only way my Ex will communicate. He will not communicate through normal texts, and most times does not even “read” my emails on “OFW” until days later. The good thing about that is it details when the other parent reads the email. Also, the app is great for documentation, for keeping track of our son’s medical/dental/therapy appointments etc. Also, ‘OFW’ has a great customer service and technical support team: even during the pandemic they have helped me navigate through issues and went above and beyond. If you are like me, and having to choose an App for ‘Co-parenting’ look no further: ‘OFW’ has you covered.

App Store Review, 08/24/2020

This app massively unburdens parents from stressful co-parenting situations. Everything is logged, clearly organized, viewable by a judge, a great way to distance yourself from a toxic co-parent and keep things simple and streamlined for the benefit of the child.

Google Play Review, 08/05/2020

Although it was a court requirement I would recommend this app to anybody. From the app itself, easy to use easy to navigate and having so many tools to make co-parenting extremely easy and information sharing at the tip of your fingers all the way to customer service when I have called and got everything resolved. I give it a 20 out of 20 don't think a 10 is enough.

Google Play Review, 07/29/2020

This app has been a lifesaver in communicating with my ex-husband. It organizes threads and expenses as well as a shared calendar for visitations. I added my attorney so she has access to all communication to prepare for hearings. Their customer service is amazing and are always available and understanding. I have tried many programs in the past and this is by far the best and the most user friendly.

App Store Review, 06/23/2020

I believe I was one of the very first users of OFW, and I recall the judge in my divorce case tooting his horn about how good and useful the site is, and thereby ordered all divorce cases to participate. Well, he was right, and I used it religiously even though my former spouse did not. Saved a lot of headaches back then.

Unfortunately, my son (now all grown up, married and a child of his own) will soon be registering as a user since he and his wife are splitting up. As "Grandpa," I've insisted he use it and I will pay for it if necessary. I wish it had the features back then as it does now! Sometimes my mouth got me into trouble!!

Well worth the money, then and now.

Daniel E, 05/29/2020

We transitioned through our separation with the help of this app and grew a positive co-parenting relationship together. With the help of many of its communication features we learned to focus on who was most important during our interactions. Our innocent half him half me daughter Adele. After one year of staying focused we both decided that we are ready to graduate from Our Family Wizard and try it on our own. It brings me a lot [of] comfort knowing that should we need more support OFW is there.

Google Play Review, 03/16/2020

I have been an Our Family Wizard subscriber since 2017. By using this tool, I believe I have made it clear that I am committed to peaceful co-parenting based on timely communication and transparency regarding our young child. I have been quite pleased with Our Family Wizard and its app as a communication tool for modern co-parents in a fast-paced world. The features I appreciate most are the time-stamped messages that show when it was first viewed, expense log, calendar and notifications. When I first subscribed to Our Family Wizard, I referred to it as “training wheels” for our family.   We were learning how to ride together without any of us falling off. We were experiencing major changes. Our emotions were a tinderbox. Communication was difficult and tense. 

Yet our child continued to depend on us to steady her by working together to make decisions, spending time together and showing her the hope of what our future could look like. 

Looking back now, I see that Our Family Wizard was not our “training wheels.” It has become a unique tandem bicycle for the three of us as we continue on our special journey.

If you are considering Our Family Wizard, do subscribe. The company even offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Your family and its peace of mind are well worth the cost of this family-centered tool.

C.W., 12/05/2018

I can’t say enough good things about this app and website!! Me and the mother of my children have been separated since our sons were 1 yrs old and before getting this app we had a lot of challenges communicating on major topics. This app saved us and always made this clear and simplistic. 5 Star ⭐️

Frank, 07/31/2018

I can not thank Our Family Wizard enough. Since June 2017, this web site has acted as a buffer between myself and my sociopath ex. But most importantly, it protects my two kids. No one can put a price tag on that. This site has helped me keep an unwilling co-parent in-check, without the added costs of an attorney. I feel confident when I communicate with her now.

Archie, 05/28/2018

I am delighted that the court has finally ordered my husband and his ex wife to use this app. I have been suggesting this to him for several years! Co-parenting communication has always been more respectful when a third party is witnessing it. I don’t even care that it is fake respect, it is just such a relief not to worry about getting screamed at, cursed at, bullied, threatened, blackmailed or blatantly insulted without at least having the court as a witness to this destructive behavior. It has been ordered that she gets weekly updates about the children through OFW which is going to save us over $4000 a year not doing this through our lawyer!

Katie, 05/19/2018