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I am so glad that we use this website and app..... it is VERY handy for not only relaying messages and putting things into the calendar but also the journaling aspect is handy for noting things daily, if need be. Both privately and so the other party can see. Eliminates the need for piles of notes and binders of papers. Keeps everything very organized for you to use, if need be. Wish we could go back to getting along like we used to be able to but this works well in alleviating unneeded conflict,usually. Very pleased with this so far. Big time & stress reliever.   :)

Michelle M, 02/03/2016

I tell everyone I can how useful, helpful the site is but your customer service support is beyond phenomenal.  Thanks again!!!

Anonymous, 11/12/2015

My attorney recommended OFW in 2012 due to strained efforts to communicate with my daughter's mother. There were numerous conflicting and misquoted statements between us and to the attorneys and the court. OFW has greatly reduced these issues and made us both more accountable. Even where parties are amicable and in agreement, OFW is a good support program for information sharing and exchange. In situations like mine, OFW is a blessing. OFW cannot resolve interaction/communication issues, but it makes things easier to address where interaction/communication are strained or lacking. 

Anthony C, 11/12/2015

I can't thank you guys enough for this site and the service you provide. I am dealing with a very combative, controlling and manipulative ex. A dear friend told me about your site and it has been a godsend! Not only has it greatly reduced his antagonistic behaviors but also given me a court approved way to document those incidents! My lawyer was also very pleased with your site! THANK YOU!

J, 06/08/2015

This site has been a Godsend!!   My ex was required to use this software at my request during custody hearing.   For 5 months he refusedto upload any expenses and refused to pay any medical bills that I incurred for our daughter.   This software was his undoing during contempt hearing. Not only was I able to prove that he knew he was required to pay, but that it was willful.   I won legal fees, court costs, and medical bills.   And more importantly, I think his behavior should improve from here on out!

S. H., 04/30/2015
Great website. Really great tool. I am glad I am able to use this as a communication tool with my ex.
Ricard W., 04/02/2015
This is a great website... It helps with documenting statements and showing facts.. It has helped my husband and I deal wth his ex wife at a distance which is better for all at this point.. It keeps the communication going on things we need to know about his daughter and my stepdaughter while keeping the drama away from the child. What a awesome tool to be able to utilize when personal meetings are just not the way.
T. White, 04/02/2015
I can now ask about our son while he is in his Dad's care without being told it's none of my business or intimidated, bullied or threatened. Thank God! I am one happy mother!
A. Hopkins, 04/02/2015
I find OurFamilyWizard to be an excellent tool/website for co-parenting experience for separated and divorced parents. It's easy to use, has many great features such as messaging (with time-stamped read confirmation), calendars, reminders, file-sharing section, school and other useful items/tools. This way better than e-mails or text messaging, and will avoid "I didn't get it in time" or "It got lost in the midst of all" -- Highly recommended. Thank you.
S. Burda, 04/02/2015
You shouldn't wait for a judge or a guardian to order you to use this. This is a wonderful program and it has helped our family tremendously.
Tom, 04/02/2015