Scheduling Solution for Divorced Parents, Kids, and Courts



MINNEAPOLIS—October, 21 2009—Approximately 60 percent of divorces in the U.S. involve children. Children of divorced parents face many challenges, but one of the toughest obstacles for everyone involved is managing hectic, stressful schedules, and coordinating valued visitation time.

In 2001, divorced dad and father of three Paul Volker faced his own challenges splitting his kids’ time with his ex-wife. Out of his frustration, he developed and launched the Our Family Wizard Web site ( to provide a stress-free zone for parents to manage schedules through a neutral system.

“The goal of Our Family Wizard is to make communication between divorced parents with shared or joint custody more effective and less stressful for the children,” says Our Family Wizard president and CEO Jainarain Kissoon. “We don’t take sides, we are truly a neutral party where parents can let down their guard and ultimately do what’s best for their kids.”

The site has been so effective that judges in over 35 states have mandated parents in high-tension divorces to utilize the Our Family Wizard to reduce conflict, lessen the stress on children, and help move costly cases out of the court system.

The Our Family Wizard Web site is $99 per parent per year. The subscription includes access to private and shared family calendars that allow parents to record activities and even trade days; protected message boards; notifications and reminders; a family journal; and an expense log. Children and family professionals, such as counselors, are provided access to pertinent site information free of charge.


The Our Family Wizard is based in Minneapolis, MN. In 2001, founder Paul Volker turned to the Internet looking for a site designed to help him more effectively manage parenting time schedules between himself and his ex-wife. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he developed and launched The site provides the best possible schedule management tools for parents in divorced and separate households to allow them to communicate more effectively. To date, judges in over 35 states have required parents in high-tension divorces to utilize the site to help reduce conflict and move costly cases out of the court system.