Marketing and Distribution Agreement Signs Marketing and Distribution Agreement with National Mediation Centers.

MINNEAPOLIS & SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 20, 2003, a Web-based resource for divorced and separated families, and industry leader National Mediation Centers ("National") today announced an agreement under which

National will market and distribute across the U.S.

The agreement, effective immediately, calls for National to make available through National's website ( and nearly 3,000 mediators in 50 states. Financial terms were not disclosed. began with Executive Vice President Paul Volker, an airline mechanic who was going through a difficult divorce. The website facilitates scheduling and personal data management between households. "Families can communicate from almost anywhere in the world without the stress of direct oral communication, reducing unproductive attempts to schedule and share information," Volker said.

"This alliance will allow families to find mediators in their own area who are familiar with and its benefits," said National Mediation Centers Vice President James MacPherson. "We believe families who use this Web resource during the separation and divorce process typically will have fewer problems, and children will experience less conflict."

"All information on is encrypted and password protected. The information is always private," explained President and CEO Kathleen Kissoon, a Minnesota attorney with over 20 years' experience in family law and author of "The Practitioner's Guide to an Effective Family Law Practice."

She said parents can request courts to make the main means of communication for issues related to their children. Some current subscribers have agreed to use the website during mediation, while others have been ordered to do so in court proceedings.

In November 2002, Hennepin County District Court, whose jurisdiction includes Minneapolis, began a pilot project to evaluate the impact of at reducing conflict, improving communication and keeping families out of the court system. The pilot project is intended as the model for a national program administered through the court system. Judge James T. Swenson, head of the pilot project, said, " is an effective tool that allows parents to plan and implement the kind of schedules and transportation demands faced by working parents with busy children."

" has been featured in newspapers and on talk shows, including the 'Arnie Arneson Show,'" said Jai Kissoon, chief financial officer and director of marketing. "We have earned praise from mediators, attorneys, judges, guardian ad litems, visitation expeditors, therapists, psychologists and family planners."

The subscription service is available to the public through the company's website, and to National's clients through that organization. Consumer pricing is $99.00 for a full year of unlimited use.

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