Advanced Family Law

OTPCLE | Georgia Continuing Legal Education | September 10th, 2020

Topics covered in this CLE include the psychological stages of divorce, the current status of Private Investigation techniques, tax issues and retirement plans, Complex parenting plan options, jurisdiction issues, how to advise your clients about mortgages and deeds, ethics, the equitable caregiver statute, and more.


Presenter List


  1. Equitable Caregiver Statute Melody Swilling
  2. Psychological Stages of Divorce Stephanie Robins
  3. Business Valuations David Hern
  4. Complex Parenting Plans Tracy Ann Moore-Grant
  5. Mortgage Considerations in Divorce Settlements Jennifer Brown
  6. Forensic Accounting Laurie Dyke
  7. Private Investigation Techniques Niall Cronnoly
  8. Ethics Jennifer Patterson
  9. OurFamilyWizard Steven Bradley
  10. Jurisdiction Issues Margaret Washburn