Paying for Clients and Promo Codes

OFW Professional Access is a tool that you can use to help support your clients as they communicate and manage family information on the OurFamilyWizard website. Besides helping clients, this resource can be of value to any family law professional and their practice. An OFW Professional Account lets you control communication from clients by putting an end to mindless email CC's, and it gives you access client data whenever you need it.

As a professional user on OFW, you have the option to create and pay for client accounts. Many professionals choose to include the cost of the OurFamilyWizard parent subscription as part of their retainer, while others may choose to pay as a way to ensure that their client's account is activated as soon as possible. You can pay for clients while creating a new family, or you can activate an existing account from your My Cases page.

To pay for an account while creating a new family, select the "Pay for Accounts" option from the Confirm Family window. You can pay for one or both parents, and choose the subscription length and additional account upgrades. You can pay for the subscription using a few different methods, one of which being a promo code.

Promo codes are used to cover the cost of client accounts at a discounted rate only available to professional users. There are different package options to fit the number of cases you see in your practice. You can get your promo code package by going to your My Account page, then select Promo Codes.

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