What is the difference between a third party account and a practitioner account?

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third-party account gives the ability to see a restricted amount of information. Third-party users are only able to view the calendar, create shared journal entries, and send and receive messages. These accounts were originally designed to provide people like grandparents or child caretakers with the ability to stay involved with the family.  

A practitioner account is designed for family law and mental health practitioners to be able to assist single clients or whole families through the website. There are two levels of access which can be granted to a professional user:

  • Access to one parent: Practitioners working with only one parent in a family can be granted access to oversee their client's accounts only. Access to one parent allows the practitioners to see communications and other activity from their client’s viewpoint.
  • Access to both parents: Neutral family law practitioners are often granted access by both parents in a family, so activity and communications are viewable to the professional via both parents’ viewpoints. Practitioners with access granted by both parents can interact with the whole family through the website and assist parents by setting up items like the parenting schedule and expense categories. This level of access is typically used by parenting consultants, mediators and other neutral professionals.