Family Court Referee

Family court referees can be sure to get the complete picture when families communicate through OurFamilyWizard. Records on OFW are complete and concrete, combating misinformation and false allegations between co-parents.

family court referees need to have accurate informationFamily court can produce the most difficult cases for a referee to weigh in on.  The decisions made can have long lasting impacts on the health and well-being of the children involved.  The difficulties in rendering a decision can be made worse by deceptions, false allegations, and misinformation.  In addition, many matters are made worse by claims made based on recollections because there were inadequate or no notes from the conversation. A family court referee, also called a family law referee, can make a dramatic difference in how family court proceedings play out.

The issues mentioned above can be easily avoided by implementing a tool like OurFamilyWizard® with the families you work with.  Judicial officers in all 50 states have already begun to order the use of OurFamilyWizard® in contested cases.  This will help to eliminate a family's return to court over communication, scheduling, and information sharing related issues.  Using OurFamilyWizard® as a tool to aid in documentation essentially allows it to act like a family court referee or family law referee, meaning that it can keep parents from going back on statements they made earlier.

This is done by providing a wide array of different tools for documenting, recording, and organizing a number of different types of comments, notes, and other important information that can be relevant in a family court case. By using OurFamilyWizard® as a family court referee, there is no longer the need to debate whether one parent said something, or when they said it, or what the context was. The information is all kept in a centralized location that is easy to access, and the documentation can even be certified for use in court. It is simple, it is on the site or it is not.