50 things to consider in divorce

Consult this quick list of 50 different topics to help you start thinking about what areas will need your focus during a divorce.

1)    Saving your marriage

        a.    Communication

        b.    Stress

        c.    Money

        d.    Trying to work it out

2)    Put your children first

        a.    Spend time with your kids

        b.    Don’t put them in the middle of conflicts

        c.    Don’t use them as the messenger

3)    Legal

        a.   Finding an attorney

        b.   Understanding billable hours

        c.   Pro Se – representing yourself

        d.   Collaborative Divorce

        e.   Mediation

        f.    Parenting Time or access to children

        g.   Updated health care directives

4)    Financial

        a.    Amend your w-4 to accommodate higher rate for single payer

        b.    Legal Fees

        c.    Child Support

        d.    Alimony

        e.    Know what you own

        f.    Know what you owe

        g.    Get copies of important documents and financial statements (w-2, tax returns, etc)

        h.    Know your credit history

        i.    Saving money

        j.    Retirement plans

        k.    Closing joint accounts

        l.    Check your insurance coverage and needs

5)    Emotional

        a.    Affect on children

        b.    Affect on you

        c.    Affect on your ex

        d.    Affect on family and friends

6)    Practical

        a.    Don’t leave bad voicemail

        b.    Don’t send bad emails

        c.    Keep our children’s need at forefront

7)    Logistical

        a.    Who is moving out?

        b.    What happens to bank accounts?

        c.    What happens to pets?

        d.    Updating and revising a will

8)    Moving Forward

        a.    Family Therapy

        b.    Individual Therapy

        c.    Getting a job if you have been out of work, know what your earning potential is.

        d.    Staying single for a period