Four Strategies for Staying Positive During Divorce

Anyone who has been touched by divorce or separation knows how much it shakes up life in so many different ways. While you may be able to tell yourself that this is the right decision for you and your family, emotions might get in the way and affect your view of the situation. It is important to stay positive during this difficult time for your own well-being as well as that of your children. Consider these strategies to help yourself stay positive during divorce.

Embrace the stable parts of your life. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing control of your life during a divorce or separation. When everything around you feels like it’s changing rapidly, embracing the stable parts of your life can help you to stay positive. Lean on your good friends who you know will always be there. If you get to stay in the same house, don't feel like you must make a dozen changes to it all at once. If you must move to a new home, try and stay as close to your current location. This will be particularly important if your kids are in school. If you have a job, keep it. Don’t jump too quickly into new commitments, such as a new relationship. Time will go by much more quickly than it may seem to you now, so don’t feel like you have to rush into anything. You should reserve your energy for working through your emotions and keeping a positive outlook on your life moving forward.  

Accept help from positive people. Those closest to you want to be there to bring you up when you’re feeling down. Take support when it comes your way from the positive people in your life. Accept invitations to do things with friends, even if you think you’d rather stay in. Push yourself to get into a social routine as opposed to staying isolated at home. Same goes for your kids: encourage them to spend time with good friends and enjoy fun activities. Spending time with positive people will help to uplift spirits in your home. 

Stay physically healthy. When you’re not feeling very positive about anything, maintaining a regular exercise routine can help. One particular study shows that just 35 minutes of energetic walking five times a week has a positive effect on fighting depression.  Commit yourself to an exercise routine that fits into your lifestyle. That might include going for a morning swim at your local gym, attending a pilates class in the evening, or even just taking a brisk walk during your lunch break at work. Besides helping you achieve both physical and emotional well being, you may also find exercise to have a positive effect on your social life. Take group exercise classes to meet new people, or just invite work colleagues to enjoy an afternoon walk with you. 

Get organized. Lack of organization is a huge stress inducer. Not knowing where to find something the moment that you need it can have a negative effect on your overall mood. Getting organized is easier than it sounds, as is maintaining an organized lifestyle. Focus on getting yourself organized. Start with anything that has to do with your divorce or separation including paperwork, communication records, etc. You may need to retrieve information that is pertinent to your case, and you will not want to be left searching and stressing in the eleventh hour, especially when you can prevent it. Next, get your home organized and maintain it. Invest in space-saving containers, shelving, and other organization tools. Getting the clutter out of your house will be well worth the investment. Plus, living an organized lifestyle is a positive lesson to be teaching your kids on top of just bettering your own life.

Staying positive during a divorce or separation will help you and your family as you all work towards moving forward in life. Embrace stability and accept support from the positive people in your life. Keep yourself physically and mentally healthy by fitting in some exercise into your routine. Finally, don't underestimate the power of staying organized. Getting rid of the clutter from your house, your calendar, or any other part of your life can help you to keep a clear, positive viewpoint as you move ahead. 

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